Performers & Entertainers

The Eternal Frontier

The Eternal Frontier are a Steampunk, acoustical, musical duo, consisting of the good Baron Von Zipple & Professor Adam Smasher. Armed with only their guitars, soaring voices and signature kazoos, these two seasoned chrononaut minstrels, perform Steampunk themed songs original, classic and sometimes bombastic!


A Halo Called Fred

A Halo Called Fred, the clown monarchs of psychedelic steampunk geek-rock, have spent the last two decades making the geekiest sounds ever to spring from guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware.

They have lent their talents to burlesque shows, motion picture soundtracks, rock operas, and their most recent collaborative endeavor is “The Freaky Mutant Weirdo Variety Show“, featuring songs about pirates, cavemen, Steampunks, fairies, and many others, their message is: “We Love You All!“.

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Dolly and Birdie

Dolly & Birdie are the founders and creative team behind Hudson Valley Steampunk, a steampunk alliance based just 90 miles due north of New York City, dedicated to building bridges of inspiration and goodwill throughout the Steampunk community and beyond. As steampunk ambassadors, their goal is to share, inspire, connect, and create through the events, gatherings, and collaborations they coordinate and produce.


Thames Society for Paranormal Investigation

Our mission is to research, investigate, educate and provide assistance to those who are experiencing the paranormal phenomenon. Based out of Connecticut, we travel throughout New England and beyond in search of the supernatural. We conduct confidential and objective investigations. We strive for tangible, measurable evidence, to provide our clients with answers.


Captain Zorikh

Zorikh Lequidre is a multi-talented entertainer and artist. His musical styles embrace the gamut of rockabilly, blues, rock & roll, rhythm & blues, oldies, country, folk, bluegrass, dixieland, celtic, show tunes, sea chanties, and whatever else happens to come drifting by. His unique use of guitar, harmonica, and kazoo defies imitation.



As to the origin and purpose of this extraordinary conveyance, I can only say that it is one of the world’s few operational entomopters.

This fine and capable vessel was first constructed in the Province of Melrose, intended for service in the transfluvial tourist trade. Since then it has traversed the length of the associated post-lacustrine plain and alluvial fans that comprise our ancient valley. It is fully licensed in the usual manner by the Board of Improbable Motivations and regularly inspected for conformance with all my personal expectations.

And the door usually works properly, too.

Nicole Oliva

Nicole Oliva is a singer and actress from Long Island NY. Nicole has hundreds of solo and theatrical performances to her accreditation in the realms of plays, musicals, operas, concerts and
films. Her powerful operatic voice mimics that of Tarja Turunen but also harnesses a sweet quality like that of a Disney Princess. She has worked on shows such as Sussical, Les Miserables, Thoroughly Modern Millie, West Side Story, Willy Wonka and the Wizard of Oz.


Vincent & Sutera

Connecticut based couple, Vincent & Sutera take a break from ska/punk to pay tribute to the classics of the 1920’s through the mid-1960’s. This duo combines the sultry cabaret singing of Stephanie Sutera accompanied by her ukulele and the wailing sounds of Vincent Pecoraro on keyboards.

Kevin Meares/Paranormal Encyclopedia

Kevin Meares is an experienced demonologist and paranormal investigator. He’s been investigating ghosts and the like for 20 years and is the host of the radio show “The Paranormal Encyclopedia”. Kevin has long been a popular speaker at a variety of events covering a range of topics regarding ghosts, demons, angels, faeries and other weird and bizarre phenomenon.

Kevin is a demonologist, paranormal investigator and magician. When he isn’t busting ghosts he hosts the radio show “The Paranormal Encyclopedia”.


Movie Mike

Mike Olshan is a New York-based journalist, editor and photographer who has been archiving 16mm film for over 40 years. He was formerly editor of the film/TV production journal Millimeter and of Videoplay Magazine. He’s best known as the screening producer and film show host Movie Mike.

Over the years, Mike has produced various film screenings for colleges, museums, galleries, community centers, schools and pub back rooms. For the past several years, Mike has produced an annual outdoor Community Garden Series in Brooklyn and the Vintage Film Room at the Lunacon, Heliosphere and Boskone Science-Fiction Conventions.